Electro Static Spray Painting

This method is similar to conventional spray painting. The difference being as the paint exits the tip of the gun it is positively charged, while the item being sprayed is grounded. This results in the paint being attracted towards the surface that we are spray painting.

There are many advantages with this application, including a huge reduction in paint overspray and the reduction of solvent emissions and VOC’s. Ensuring a tidier and more environmentally friendly process.

Ransburg WA offer day and night on-site electro-statically spray painting of metal surfaces for commercial, industrial, municipal and domestic jobs.


We use a Two Pack Polyurethane top coat which is a very hard, durable and colour stable paint.

This been said the product is hard to scratch and deals well with our strong Australian sun, fading well after surrounding surfaces/painted areas. The two pack polyerethane as well are wide variety of primers allow us to paint a wide variety of surfaces from various metals, wood, laminate, and certain plastics


We can have any RAL or standard colour's made up, as well colour match to the best of our ability to existing surfaces. Offering sheen levels from flat to gloss.

Lift Doors
The premier company in Perth for lift door resprays, working alongside lift engineers Thyssenkrupp, Schindler and Kone. Through the use of our electrostatic spray method we aim to deliver a clean out of hours service to render no difficulties or down time in your office space.

Cool Room and Refrigeration
We have years of experience with the spray painting of refrigeration, and cool rooms working with companies such as Woolworths, Coles, Liquorland, Dan Murphy's and local IGA's.

Aluminum window frames and Shop Fronts
We spray your sun faded or dated aluminum window frames to save you the hassle of replacing them. We can also paint your entry sliding doors/entry points.

Paint installed staircase balustrading to match surrounding environment, on site in place, rather than having it removed to be powder coated.

Other Services -Ceiling grids, Office furniture, Safes, Liftwells. Shipping Containers.


Window frames

Exterior fencing jobs

Metal staircases and Balustrades

Heritage wrought iron projects

Local Government

Local Government-Gate


Play equipment

Council maintenance equipment



Shipping Containers

Roller doors


Plant Maintenance