About Us

How We Started

Electrostatic painting is a tried and tested technique that was first used back in the United States in 1941.

Company founder Harold Ransburg was granted a patent for a process of electrostatic painting metal structures and objects. This process involved applying an electrical change to the paint and the surface that was to be painted.

The process was rapidly adapted for use in the thriving automative industry where it could create outstanding quality finishes in an efficient and economic way. From here the process was taken up by may different forms of industry.


Ransburg in Australia

Ransburg Electro Painters Australia became a licensed electrostatic applicator in the early 1980’s. At this time mobile electrostatic equipment became available so our clients could have work completed on site.

Ransburg is Australia’s largest electrostatic painting company. We bring our services to clients throughout Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia.


Western Australian Management Team

Ransburg Electro-Painters WA is a local family run business. The business was purchased in 1995 by Neil Tumelty and Tony Barker who started off painting office furniture. It has grown to a state wide specialist painting service. We bring together an experienced team with 25 years specialist training in electrostatic spray painting for commercial, industrial, municipal and domestic work.